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CONVERSE (Converse) 2011 Japanese market campaign released by Tomek Szczukiecki, a common interpretation of the model Rob Rae, Lasse Pedersen, Tamara McDonald and Karlina Caune models, interactive, relaxed atmosphere close to the interpretation of unbridled American leisure style! The March 2011 DREAMER Dreamer Series is a gift from the CONVERSE spring to all the fashionable people who are obsessed with the fairy tale dream kingdom.

We believe that all love CONVERSE brand consumer has a unique personality, attitude and fashion and creative ideas and opinions, also hope that the official mall will become a vast, mutual link platform. At the same time more customized products belonging to the official mall launched, more convenient for consumers to buy products at the same time, and we also do more in-depth interactive communication in the long-term to fully express himself and show style, creative release.